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Mendocino villages newest grab and go eatery.

We’re at the corner of Lansing and Albion across from Rotary Park in downtown Mendocino.

11am - 6pm Mon,Wed,-Sat
11am - 2pm Sun

    call 707-684-0682


At Gnar Bar we're not just serving food; we're colliding fun and flavor in a tornado of taste! Our culinary maestros wield their chopsticks with the finesse of samurai, crafting edible masterpieces that'll have your taste buds doing a happy dance. It's like a cozy, seaweed-wrapped hideaway where sushi rolls and ramen noodles frolic together, creating a taste sensation that'll make your tummy say, 'UMAMI!' So, grab a seat, and prepare for a culinary adventure that's hotter than a dragon's breath, cooler than a penguin's dance and as much fun as a cat chasing a laser pointer, but with a much tastier reward at the end! 

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